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out to this tiny community in ways big, and small. a glimmer gf news in the bad coming out of sandy hook, connecticut for three days. there were two survivors not one after the rampage at the school friday morning. they were two women, both shot in the lower extremitis. meantime, state police say they'll continue their investigation of the two crime scenes, and trace origins of the guns adam lanza killed to kill many. though he, and others are gone. >> we're going to do everything that it takes to ensure that we, uncover every bit ofúw4 evidence, every facet of it that we conduct as many interview was everyone we need to do to pin a clear picture. >> at the same time a process of burying those who died has begun, services for the first grader jack pinto held in newtown. attended by parents and kids, some of them, the 6-year-old's
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best friends remembering his love of sports. >> he was just enthusiastic about playing because he likes to do rough and stuff. >> newtown is forever changed. mmate. because that is who we are. right? we're here for the pintos. >> while the mourners filed out of church, across the street, a gesture of goodwill from someone 3,000 miles away. a family from los angeles phoned in a credit card number to this store, offering to payo! for everyone's coffee, all day. >> she just wanted to offer the people from the town with coffee that is how she can do it. >> it's something simple helping people of the town pick up and try to move on. >> this is touching. you know. >> and roads leading into sandy hook this, is a live picture, the main road this, is a tiny community.
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you can see cars are lined up here. it's cold and rainy. that line goes back at least a mile. let's show you across the street here, this is a home, a private home, they've put god bless sandy hook, faith, hope, love z then, beyond that, up the street, it's where the school s just moments ago, we saw three big moving vans coming out of there just a moment ago. they came out of there and we understand they're taking furniture, equipment out of sandy hook elementary to move to it another location so the kids can resume classes, hopefully in the near future there, is another school set up about seven miles from here, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> school districts throughout the bay area are addressing their security plans following the tragedy in connecticut. abc 7 news checked in with one school district on the peninsula. she's live with the story. leanne?lxgj
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>> well, carolyn, state department of education is asking all schools to immediately begin reviewing their plans, near millbrae we saw what one respond -- response plan looks like. millbrae school district has four elementary, one middle school. they have lock down drills. >> how does that go? do you give advice? >> they have a plan. we can always improve. we meet afterwards and debrief with the fire department. of course, with drills there is things that can be improved which is why we do the drills. >> teachers know to stay inside of the classroom, draw curtains drop to the floor, lights out no, talking the locks were changed about a year ago, allowing teachers to keep intruders out. narrow windows on the doors are also covered. still, the principal admits it's nearly impossible to prepare for something like we
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snau newtown, connecticut. >> we prepare and do drills, sometimes, unpredictable things happen. we have no control over it today, teachers provided needed support for students. over the weekend, the school district encouraged parents to take the lead. >> sent out e mails talking about be careful what kids see. and be careful what you say to them, they said make sure you listen to them. discuss with them. >> parents told the school district will review security measure autos do they need to be more secure? parents expressed that and we're listening. >> and the issue of security will be discussed by the millbrae school board of education on january 14th. parents are encouraged to attend. or encouraged to attend. i'm live in millbrae, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> the shooting prompted one california lawmaker to
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reintroduce a plan to ensure schools meet safety standards, lawmakers aloe indicated $90 million a year for improvements but many districts are spending money elsewhere. a state senator from torrance plans to reintroduce a bill. >> tragic z i just want to make sure in california, we take whatever steps we can to try to mitigate or prevent a few tour tragedy. >> he says the lack of a security plan is a problem for more than half of california schools. in 2009 he found 53% of the state schools did not comply with state rules. the connecticut tragedy also prompted this response from state education officials saying california schools have been asked to immediately begin reviewing their safety procedures and they're doing so. the statement continues we're also prepared to heed your call for a wider national conversation about school safety. >> the post office has stlishd an outlet for to you express
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your condolences to the people of sandy hook, setting up an address to send qlerts care package asks drawings from your kids, perhaps.em#ñ and you'll find that address on our web site if you don't have a pen at this moment. >> the weather is becoming a problem once again in northern california. much ofë(/he bay area got hit by a steady rain during the height of the commute hour. and here is a down pour, one crew got caught up in before the sun came up today on the summit in santa cruz mountains. sandhya patel is here now with a lock at live doppler 7. sandhya? >> it's quieter today, check out live doppler 7. we do have a few showers but they're mainly around the monterey bay heading out towards morgan hill and gilroy. light returns, most g wet weather is out of the bay area
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and here is what was receive flaftd 24 hours, 45/100ths in napa just over a third, 43/100ths in oakland. take a look at san francisco. 22/100ths. san jose, less, only 15/100ths. 7/100ths inétlr livermore, and santa cruz mountains over an inch of rain. and we have rainy days coming your way getting closer to holidays. we'll talk about the potential for frost. i'll be back with a complete forecast coming up. >> thank you. see you shortly. police asking for the public's help in solving a murder in the bay view district saturday night. the victim, a 17-year-old football player, a promising young athlete. heather? >> dan, there are many unanswered questions tonight about just what happened in san francisco. over the weekend. and why, a 17-year-old montreal blakely was so far from home.
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his classmates are wondering that while they grieve. the 17-year-old senior montreal blake laylee played offense and defense for the minutemen. police say he was shot and killed in the city's bay view district around 10:00 saturday night. the school held a moment of silence for him this morning. many students heard yesterday came to school today wearing black. >> it was shocking. i -- it's very tragic. i heard he was a great guy. i didn't know what to think. just so sad. >> joe hernandez's kids are still in middle school. but he's ai concord high grad, a big football supporter. he can't imagine what blakely was doing in the bay view. >> everybody that has commented about him had individual, good guy. nice person. everything like that. this doesn't seem to be part of that fabric.
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>> a lot of people are posting his picturesf6f) and from whati hear i was a good person. >> parents are weary of what seems like unrelenting violence targeting young people. >> there is no value only. there just schblt to me, it seems every day, you read about something or hear about something where taking a live seems to be the most immediate, simple way to address a zp >> students tell tlus is a vigil planned for friday evening on the football field. we asked both school district and school for comment. they declined n concord abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> coming up here next a story only on abc 7 news a hollywood who done it. police and vic lee have been pry triing for weeks to find out who stole an unreleased movie. >> later tonight a case of very bad timing. a bay area gun store about to
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open doors over the occasion of the neighbors. >> and, a bit later a strife a big move for san francisco exploratorium.
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a feature film from paramount studios stolen from a car in san francisco, so far, police have been unsuccess envelope locating it. see only on abc 7 news.
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>> we spoke to a member of paramount pictures security team who is here in san francisco trying to locate the film. head no comment but said he would pass along our inquiries to the studio. no one call called us but this is what we know about the theft. there are a thousand items mostly taken from car break ins, cell phones lap tops and cameras expensive designer goods. it's here. most items stolen at fisherman's wharf in the embarcadero. police did not find one very important fees of stolen property they were looking for. >> we're looking for some electronic devices taken in an from the event that originally caused all this to go into motion. >> the lieutenant did not tell us what it is. but a source with knowledge of the investigation tells abc 7 news, external hard drive of a
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yet to be released movie from paramount studios stolen in mid-november about a week after security cameras at the pier 39 garage captured images of the suspects breaking into a car and their get away car's license plate. that led to their arrest in late november. the discovery of a huge hole of stolen goods. police hope the film would be here, our source tells us the copy was stolen and the pier 39 garage before a -- from a rental car leased from someone in southern california here working on the movie sound track. the man filed a report at the police substation at san francisco international airport before his flight home. police have been working and visiting flea markets and known fencing areas around the bay area. trying to find the hard drive. one concern is that the possibility that the thieves may copy the movie. >> pirating is common now. people go on and create a cd
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or dvd, and sell it. on the streets. >> this former chief says the thieves probably sold to it a fence. not knowing what is on the hard drive. >>. >> person purchased it probably wiped it clean. it's my sense of what happened. >> our source tells us chances are the fence probably soltd hard drive for going street price of around $30 to $40. this is not the first time an unreleased movie has been stolen in san francisco. a similar theft happened years ago with a movie "trance formers". a police force tells us someone stole a copy that have movie but police managed to get that film back to the studio.
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>> in cupertino parents dealing with emotions by the newtown tragedy but struggling with am personal, ugly attack at one of their own schools. abc 7 news has more on what happened there, how people are coping. >> from parents at lincoln elementary school this, is anything but a normal monday. >> we feel very distressed. >> the anxiety from both a tragedy in connecticut and shake yensen sense of security at home, school administrators found graffiti bomb threats on thursday against a teacher at monte vista high. this discovery shut down the campus and nearby lincoln elementary. >> we didn't get into details of why it was shut down. and parents say it gave them a reason to shield younger children from the events in newtown. >> leading up to our youngest
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so this would have been too much for him. he was a little scared. he thought there was a bomb. >> the sheriff deputies worked around the clock on friday to make an arrest in the graffiti case. before that, providing a teacher and family with personal protections. >> students say teachersoaa!!jd in the bomb threat here returned to class today. students say it's important everyone be able to return to a routine. >> the principal said don't pester him. because he just wants to feel normal again. >> some students think the tragedy causes a confession from the suspect in cupertino. >> and we realized this comes and goes. and the 16-year-old student in
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will be protected in the juvenile justice system. >>ë and let's focus on the weather. >> yes. sandhya patel is in too yes. >> we'll freeze, then end up needing umbrellas. winter almost here, it's expected. let me show you the way it looks from our camera. we have more rain coming up. across the bay there, you can see san francisco, bay bridge. we're seeing clearing skies, and that just means that it's going to be a chilly night. we still have a couple showers being picked up down towards south bay. i'm going to take new first down towards southern san jose. we're seeing showers heading offccuvwú['k
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so starting at 7:00 p.m. tonight rain moving out. bay area will clear out. so temperatures fall. tomorrow, you can see hit or miss showers just skirts the coast. you can see a shower or two
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what this system is going to parallel the coastline. the chance of showers limited for your tuesday. tomorrow morning bundle up. it's going to get cold. 34 degrees in santa rosa. chill will be in the air. vallejo, concord, upper 30s. low 40s around fremont and san jose. san francisco, 45 degrees. into afternoon, will be on the cool side with numbers into low to mid-50s,24&kz partly cloy sgyy days and around the bay temperatures into low to mid-50s so remaining cooler than average. taking a look at the accu-weather forecast, focus on slight chance of showers tomorrow, the chill settling in wednesday morning, frosty cold, you'll want to protect your plants. could see freezing cold conditions if the computer models verify. of course will be a dry
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wednesday afternoon, only to lead up to rain on thursday. wet, windy friday. the system comes through here, temperatures mid to upper 50s so more wet weather over the weekend, saturday, going into sunday. and by christmas eve even christmas day, looking dry. so good for traveling. good for people going to grandma's. >> i'm getting ai new bike for christmas. >> you want to go ride it?. >> thank you very much. >> coming up next, encouraging signs from washington we're not going over the fiscal cliff. >> positive reaction news got today on wall street. stay with us.
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washington will be able to step back from the edge of fiscal skplif reach a deal to avoid tax increases and spending cuts. house speaker john boehner returned to the white house today, word is that the two inched towards a deal following a new proposal from the president. the plan increasing the top tax rates on tax payers
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earning more than $400,000 a year. >> tonight new signs of optimism on wall street. dow rose 100 points today, snapping a three day losing streak. a and p gained 16 because of signs on solving the deficit crisis. google stock went up $18 a share on reports an antitrust investigation could end this week with no major action required. google has been accused of giving lower rankings to competitors making it harder for customers to find them, apple said it sold more than two million iphone 5s in three days following it's release in china. that is a a record launch in china. >> well, still to come here tonight at 6:00 a nationwide clam yoer for stronger gun control laws and a firearms instructor joins to say.
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>> the neighbors who are raising a red flag. >> and michael finney helps plant a dreaudsx a school hopes to become the little school that could. stay with
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a new survey shows growing support for gun control following the connecticut school tragedy. according a poll, 54% support stricter gun control. 71% oppose the ban of hand guns but 52% favor banning semi automatic weaponsnhxv÷ andd in the bay area gun control advocates poining to those number questioning universal background checks. more on that. and last night we heard the president say no set of laws
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could prevent a mass shooting but added that could not be an excuse for doing nothing. tonight the debate is getting more attention. protestors demonstrated outside of the national rifle association in washington, d.c. this morning and a long time gun rights congressman told msnbc it's time to do something. >> i don't know anyone that needs 30 rounds in a clip to go hunting. >> senator feinstein promising to reintroduce an assault weapons ban. it was in 1993 mass murder in a law office that led to that law. >> it's dark time of my life in 1993. my wife was killed in 101 california street. >> steven became a gun control activist testifying before congress, stood with senator feinstein. and he watched 10 years later, congress leftlett that law expire. >> and senator frist at the
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time, senate majority leader was bold enough to sate was the will of the people to let it expire. and boy, i wish congress call senator frist now. >> firearms instructor says it's not the guns or clips, he blames violence in the mass media aimed at children. particularly violent video games. >> they're pushing it z kids are being desense tiesed he blames use of antidepressant drugs. fda issued warnings some drugs could lead to increased thoughts of suicide and this mind altering drug autos our calls went unanswered today. at this center to prevent gun violence, the executive director says violent games do carry a troubling message. >> blood shed is entertaining. it's not something we want to
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promote. >> saying banning large ammo clips and requiring background checks are part of a solution. >> we need a national level bill that requires a background check on every transfer and sale of a firearm. >> thomas points a survey showing universal background checks are supported by nearly three quarters of nra members and i came across another survey showing gun ownership is dropping in the united states. but gun sales are increasing. so fewer people are buying more guns. >> mark, thank you. >> though it's not on tonight's agenda, los gatos town council brace forward an earful of comments over a controversial new store set to open up this weekend. the tragedy in connecticut is only intensifying this debate. from outside, the freshly painted walls of the logo don't tell you much about what is being sold inside of this store.
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but neighbors do. >> guns kill things. that is why the community, we will like to know about that product before it's available on shelf autos deborah winestein spoke us-to-us in a playground from when they're set to open a gun shop. >> we feel like schools and the neighborhood should be notified. >> the town manager explained why that wasn't possible. >> the section of the town today koed that regulates this area was amendmented in 1987. he doesn't give the town a restriction to hold a public hearing on a retailer that wants to sell firearms. >> in the meantime, the shop passed muster with police. >> police department has done two reviews of their mechanisms and believes that they're going above and beyond
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what is require bid federal law. >> i think any time you can bring business to town it's a positive thing. i don't think they're going hand out guns like candy. >> and he assures parents but in light of the school tragedy, she says she wishes neighbors had been given more input. >> clearly after connecticut we can see that firearms are community issue. >> whether or not the neighbors find cause for celebration, they're set to celebrate the grand opening on saturday. >> former hawaii senator is being remembered as a dedicated lawmaker former than 50 years. he died in a washington, d.c. hospital today at age 88. he was a soldier in world war ii and first elected to congress in 1959, the year hawaii became a state.
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his 50 years in the senate is the longest tenure in u.s. history. stay with us. we'll be back.
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alamo elementary school hoping to be the little school that could. >> the school is attempting to win a nation wral grant and they turned to michael finney for help. >> our apologies we don't have the audio for that piece. but we'll work on that and hope to bring it to you shortly. >> and let's press on. coming up next, a billing move for the san francisco exploratorium. >> they're packing up the past, as they prepare for the future.
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countdown is on. two and a half weeks until we say goodbye to the exploratorium as we know it. the museum will reopen in the spring at a new home. and tonight, the staff races now to prepare for the future it's still hard to tell these are the final days of the this place.
6:42 pm
exploratorium opened in 1969. a first of its kind museum with interactive exhibits making science fun. a memory wall sup now where staff and visitors are sharing thoughts. one visitor came to take a look is brian matthews. >> made a big impression on any mi childhood. i wanted to save it for the future. >> brian is an engineer with auto desk and an expert in what is known as reality capture, he decided he should be doing it here. >> i called up our friends and like any other experiment they were game. >> he got other volunteers working as fast as they can to make a 3 d record of the building and exhibit. they're using new technologies including one starting with photos from a still camera. >> this isk0xcñ called photo gramitry. >> a software program puts them together into this
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incredible image. >> that software can analyze two dementional pictures and make a 3 d model. >> they're using laser scanners starting in the machine shop. again, a software program analyzing millions of data points from lasers combining them. result is an image so detailed koit be used to create a replica of the space, and everything in it. the makers are thrilled to get this data now. they nort sure how they're r what we'lo with that is what we'll do. we'll have fortunately, you know, years to figure that out. >> they're also sorting, cleaning and packing and puzzling over the 43 years of accumulated stuff behind the >> this one is a six foot lens. >> first, they'll have to figure out what they have.
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next, they decide what makes the cut. whatever they do keep will come here. after two years of top to bottom renovations, huge undertaking this will be the new home. 100 zebra fish and spikey sea you are chinz make the move out of a cramped back room in the old building into the new high tech life sciences lab. the you are chinz start exploring. you can see them moving their arms to check out their surroundings. see them? one job is produce material for an exhibit on reproduction. and the move. it seems to have put them to work. >> they're spawning. >> yes. that is all sperm and eggs. >> it's exciting work going on now. in this last few months. exploratorium opens through january 2 when add milgs migs will be free. they'll have small exhibits popping up around san opens in april. you know, i've been in that
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building many times. it's going to be impressive it will be. >> as reflecting on the horror in newtown ask renew gun debate one artist has been creating sculptures made out here is don sanchez. >> is the bell tolling? is it a call for change? >> have you to find a way to tolerate each other. >> and this is gain add claim in rome in 2000. that is a peace bell ringing in an international conference, these bells made have guns, rifles, weapons have been melted down. cast in bronze. it's a statement about how they affect the fabric of our society.
6:46 pm
he says. >> and the abundance of weapons that countries have. >> in this case, we've left the barrel sticking out. >> i've cast the barrels into it. these were gun bairlz i put into the piece. >> he creates these pieces working in play, waxed before the bronze is poured. sculpt lg is inspiration. >> i found casting gave me more freedom to exaggerate the forms and he creates forms of environmental art. >> these are branches branches. >> the next series will be walking figures. surrounded by leaf leaves and other parts of nature, it's about climate change. the figures will be seven feet tall, and will be in galleries and museums.
6:47 pm
but this may take time. he's on deadline to create works for collectors in europe and san francisco. >> california today honored 30 sacrifice in the line of duty. flags flew at half staff over the state capitol during ceremonies included calling family and friends for fallen officers. california peace officer's memorial foundation used this tribute to urge californians to become organ donors. friends and family will be names are in vial autos fire officials put out list of hild holliday dos and don'ts. don't forget to water the christmas tree. today they lit a tree to see how quickly it could burst into flames. officials held a show and tell. and candle next to a drape turned this room into an
6:48 pm
inferno. about 400 people died each year in the united states because of holiday related fire autos tahoe ski resorts getting ready for a white christmas this year. with the first snow falling before thanksgiving the natural base is better than in past years. ski operations able to open more runs this holiday season, and they expect more snow to make this one of the best ski seasons in a decade. forecasters are saying two more storms are on the way. that should dump more snow on tahoe before the weekend. >> they sure deserve it. >> let's check in now with sandhya patel. >> they have received from two to 12 inches of snow. with this system. and state wide, snow pack running 90% of average, there you go. just an isolated shower, and that moved off to the east of san jose and hills there. and it's all winding down tomorrow, we're going to keep in snow shower possible.
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warning for morning. 47 in yosemite. tahoe, more snow coming. 24 by afternoon. low 60s with rain possibility for tuesday. here in the bay area, carry your umbrellas. it's just a slight chance of showers as the system skirts the coast remaining cool so a sweater or jacket. mid 40s to 50s under partly cloudy skies. here is the accu-weather forecast. frosty cold, wednesday morning could see mid topykyó8pm.ñ uppes into coldest inland valleys. so more systems will need umbrellas rest of the week. >> thank you very much. >> hon to larry beil. >> our mics coming on in just a moment. 49er look back on a statement win in new england. who expected this? from
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good evening, so much from
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last night's 49ers win is hard to know where it starts. when you think about the words collin cappernick outduals? who could have envisioned this? only the fifth start in miserable conditions on the road. his fifth start against the team that never loses at home in december. four touchdown passes then have you 49ers faced with adversity. blowing a 28 point lead. a win in seattle next sunday would clench the nfc west for the niners. >> for two and a half quarters of football, whatever word you want to use it was pretty darn good defensively for us. and then, last five minutes of the game, last two stops, two point quarter stops. >> i know we talk about that a lot. but you know come back to get
6:54 pm
those two stops at the end. >> really makes you feel good. >> really good. raiders snapped a six-game losing streak posting a shut down in beating chiefs.;-9yy sill skprer black defense which struggled against good teams dominated a poor chiefs squad. >> tough to shut anyone out in this league to be able to do that first time it's been done in this organization. in 10 years. i think that was critical for our defense. it's a good confidence builder, we've got to continue to build on that. >> speaking of which san jose state, they're going to keep building with a new football coach. he replaced jim harbaugh six years ago. the 45-year-old native went to high school with bellerman posted a record at the
6:55 pm
university of san diego. replacing mike mcentire built spartans into a bold team in just three years before heading to colorado. >> to be a part of this program, i know there has been ups and downs over the years but maybe i can come in to bring consistency and keep it you know just build off what the coach did here, and keep it at a high level. i'm looking forward to that opportunity. i embrace that challenge. >> uc davis announced former cal running back coordinator ron gould will take the helm next season. a's swril a new face next year, steven drew reportedly signed a deal with the red sox. in 39 games had five homers and drove in 16. signing of a new short stop from japan. so we'll sfee that is coming up tomorrow, this sports report brought to you by
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mercedes-benz. >> fun game. >> yes. he was. >> what a game. >> possible. >> they beat see. no word yet on9w justin smith who injured his elbow"u;ñ. >> cable channel 13, coming up, engineers take technology back to the basics. the tool helping millions of people feel their future. >> then at 11:00 why renewed calls for stricter gun control following connecticut school shooting could explain a surge in gun sales here in the bay area. it's coming up at 9:00 and 11:00 on abc 7 news. >> what is this edition of abc 7 news here at 6:00. >> from the entire abc 7 news team, thanks for joining us. >> we appreciate your time. hope to see you at 9:00 and 11:00. blp
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this is "jeopa please welcome today's contestants -- a clothing sales associate from valrico, florida... operations coordinator from bristol, pennsylvania... ...and our returning champion --
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a computer-chip designer from berlin, massachusetts... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny. oh, thank you. thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen. in each appearance, our champion, alistair, seems to be getting better and better, a little more comfortable, perhaps. so that doesn't augur well for susan or theresa, but they wouldn't be here if they hadn't passed the "jeopardy!" test, let's see how this game turns out. here are the categories for the first round. hey, it's that time of the year, isn't it?
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